Analysis & Commentary

Analysis & Commentary

The formation of a new Israeli government brings fresh life to the Trump administration’s Middle East peace plan. Israel is now considering annexing territory as the first step to implementing the plan. The Trump administration’s innovative approach to the security-related issues makes

Hasty Withdrawal Could Undo Hard-Won Gains in Afghanistan

Even as much of the world shuts down because of the novel coronavirus, terrorism continues in Afghanistan. These attacks reinforce that the recent deal between the United States and the Taliban is a disappointing chapter of America’s war on terror. The

Change US Escalation Calculus with Iran

The United States can discourage Iran’s lethal and nonlethal aggression by demonstrating a willingness to escalate through covert, cyber, information and kinetic operations. Establishing credible escalation options that can address nonlethal violence is vital to protecting America’s interests in the

The United States Needs to Keep Maximum Pressure on Iran

Iran has emerged as a regional epicenter of the devastating coronavirus pandemic, with more than 4,000 people reported dead, multiple senior leaders among them. This catastrophic public health emergency, needlessly worsened by Tehran’s negligence, follows months of setbacks for the