Analysis & Commentary

Analysis & Commentary

How Israel and the US Could Cooperate in Fighting the Coronavirus

With the United States still struggling to contain the rapidly increasing number of COVID-19 infections, international exchange of ideas and solutions will be vital to understanding and subduing this virus. Washington should look to one of its strongest allies, Israel,

The recent report of former FBI agent Robert Levinson’s death in Iranian captivity, while not the conclusion of the saga, nevertheless brings a tragic ending to the 13-year effort to see him returned safely to his family and the country

Bringing the Yemen Conflict to an End

While developed nations are busy struggling to contain coronavirus, it is easily forgotten how countries devastated by conflict have fragile systems that will be quickly overstretched when the virus hits. Indeed, disease and warfare have always gone hand in hand.

Iran’s Most Dangerous Virus Is Its Lying, Oppressive Regime

The people of Iran are facing a deadly catastrophe. It is not COVID-19, although that is ravaging their society, but rather the ineptitude and mendacity of their regime. Iran’s leaders are treating the pandemic as an opportunity to consolidate power