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Analysis & Commentary

Reality Distorted in Letter

Letter to the Editor at Cleveland Jewish News: I am writing in response to a letter in your publication alleging that an “Israeli military tactic” killed George Floyd, and maligning US-Israel law enforcement exchanges led by the Jewish Institute for

While there has been much debate over Jerusalem’s possible decision to apply Israeli law to the Jordan Valley, the move’s underlying security imperative is not often recognized. As a retired Israeli major general, I believe that Israeli sovereignty over the

Jordan Will Gain Nothing From Confrontation Against Israel

One of the greater concerns over Israel’s application of sovereignty to the Jordan Valley is that the move will undermine mutually beneficial Israeli-Jordanian cooperation. Jordan’s King Abdullah II has substantiated some of the worry, declaring earlier this year that if

West Africa and U.S. Strategy

A recent terror attack in Mali killed two dozen soldiers with the incident following French claims that its military forces – supported by American intelligence and surveillance aircraft – successfully neutralized Abdelmalek Droukdel, the leader of al-Qaeda’s West African affiliate. This successful counterterrorism operation