Analysis & Commentary

Analysis & Commentary

Don’t Let Turks & Russians Carve up Libya

Today, Turkey and Russia stand on opposing sides of the next battle line in Libya’s escalating civil war. But even if they trade blows over the strategic coastal city of Sirte and the nearby airbase at al-Jufra, it remains highly likely that they will

With nearly a dozen explosive incidents occurring across Iran in the past three weeks—including one at a prominent nuclear facility in Natanz—renewed questions have emerged regarding Tehran’s nuclear enrichment activities. Iranian hesitance to retaliate may be due to its fear

The US Needs to Take Action to Deter Near-Peer Rivals in Space

Earlier this June, the Department of Defense released the unclassified summary of its 2020 Defense Space Strategy, which openly designates space as a “distinct warfighting domain,” a distinction that only recently gained national policy acceptance. With this document, the DoD now

Self-reliance has always been a pillar of Israel’s national security ethos. Yet opponents of Israeli sovereignty in the sparsely-populated Jordan Valley seek to downplay regional strategic threats to the Jewish state, arguing that foreign security forces could substitute for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).