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Analysis & Commentary

Analysis & Commentary

Consequences of the US Withdrawal from Syria

President Donald Trump announced that his administration would lift sanctions on Turkey after the Turkish government agreed to permanently abide by a ceasefire in northeast Syria. Instead of withdrawing all troops, a few hundred will remain not to re-engage against a resurging Islamic State but

The Right Way Ahead After Trump’s Syria Mistake

What should Washington do now? That’s the urgent question following President Trump’s unforced error of green-lighting Turkey’s invasion of northern Syria. The decision dealt a severe blow to US interests and credibility. Trump must reverse course. A return to the way things

While international attention has shifted to the Syrian-Turkish border this past week, Friday’s attack on an Iranian oil tanker offshore of Saudi Arabia is a reminder that recent tensions with Iran remain high. In its escalating confrontation with the United

In March 2018, the United States sent a strong, bipartisan message to the Palestinian Authority (PA) through the Taylor Force Act: Stop the promotion, glorification and incentivization of terrorism and violence against Israeli civilians or the U.S. will withhold hundreds of