Analysis & Commentary

Analysis & Commentary

Enhance US-Israel Cooperation Against Iranian Belligerence

Iran is still grappling with one of the deadliest coronavirus outbreaks in the Middle East and a collapse in oil prices upon which the regime depends on for revenue. Yet Tehran and its proxies aren’t diverted from their true focus

Revisiting Sokolow v. PLO Gives Hope to Victims’ Families

Last month, the US Supreme Court issued a little-noticed order in a blockbuster case that, in the course of its 16-year history, has rocked foreign policy circles, upset the constitutional balance between Congress and the Courts, and so far, left

Last week marked two years since the United States withdrew from the flawed nuclear agreement with Iran and began reimposing sanctions. While powerful, these economic penalties have not compelled a substantive change in the Islamic Republic’s behavior, which continues threatening

Rolling Back Iran in Iraq

A new government in Iraq may be the kickstart the United States needs to reset its relations with Baghdad and rollback Iranian influence. Iran’s longtime goal has been to undermine America’s regional commitment and provoke U.S. attacks that draw Iraqi