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Analysis & Commentary

The War Crime Of Starvation – The Irony Of Grasping At Low Hanging Fruit

…Hamas members [being] complicit in the kidnapping and unlawful deprivation of liberty of all the hostages … seems like a crime that can be established beyond any doubt. This is not the case with the war crime of starvation. …

On Tuesday, President Biden declared, “Never forget.” On Wednesday, he forgot. On purpose. In remembrance of the Holocaust, Biden solemnly proclaimed, “Never again, simply translated, means never forget.” Actually, it means never again will a genocide of the Jews be allowed. But

Attention is focused on Iran after its massive drone and missile attack against Israel on April 13, and Israel’s subsequent limited strike inside Iran. But lost in this exchange, and one reason that Israel’s response might have been narrow, is that it still has a threat

An obscure bureaucratic change enabled the extremely successful, coordinated defense of Israel against the recent Iranian attack. President Donald Trump’s January 2021 decision to transfer Israel to U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) ensured the unprecedented Israeli-American-British-Arab collaboration that repelled 99 percent of Iran’s missiles and