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Analysis & Commentary

Analysis & Commentary

President Trump makes no secret of his desire for U.S. troops to leave the Middle East. But his administration still views the region as critical to national security, especially given Iran’s escalating aggression. As America departs and the burden of

A Way Forward with Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia and Israel are unlikely partners with seemingly little in common. For starters, there is no formal recognition between the two countries. Digging a bit deeper, one can see a stark contrast between Israel, which is a resource-poor democracy

It is time to re-evaluate America’s military dependence on Turkey. Begin by putting Ankara on notice that the United States will move its military assets from Turkey’s Incirlik Air Base. Why? After all, Turkey is a NATO ally and President

How Trump Should Maximize Pressure on Iran

As President Trump visits London for a meeting of NATO leaders this week, he could well come under pressure to start new talks with Iran. But he should resist the temptation and instead stand by the Iranian people and declare