Analysis & Commentary

Analysis & Commentary

Biden’s Mideast Drawdown Poses Perils

The Biden administration is making a critical mistake by moving vital military assets away from the Middle East. Drawing down America’s posture in the Middle East sends the wrong message as the administration simultaneously pursues nuclear negotiations with Iran, the

Biden Faces His First Disasters in Yemen and Afghanistan

If the Biden administration isn’t careful, it could soon find itself confronting at least two major disasters in the broader Middle East. The first: the permanent entrenchment in Yemen of an Iranian-backed Houthi regime—a version of Hezbollah on the Arabian

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s upcoming visit to Israel comes at a pivotal time. In just the last few days, Washington began nuclear talks with Iran, Israel reportedly targeted an Iranian spy ship in the Red Sea, China and Iran

The Biden administration has sought to differentiate itself from its predecessor in many arenas, foreign policy included. Yet it has endorsed a self-evident truth acknowledged by the Trump administration, and indeed that of President Barack Obama: something is broken at