Analysis & Commentary

Analysis & Commentary

Israel Can Help America Keep its Technological Edge

Tensions between the United States and China continue to escalate amid the coronavirus crisis and show no signs of abating. One long-standing rivalry surrounds the race to control emerging technologies that will shape the future. To improve its position, America

Before the outbreak of COVID-19 in China turned the world upside down, a new Great Power competition was emerging between Washington and Beijing, with significant implications for our national security. From the quest for unbreakable codes with quantum computing to

IDF Should Invest in Its Non-Commissioned Officers

The IDF should consider prioritizing an investment in professionalizing its noncommissioned officers before purchasing a new piece of exquisite military hardware. The Iron Dome and F-35s have certainly saved lives and enabled Israel to remain the premier military force in the Middle

As Israel gradually lifts the restrictions it imposed to protect public health amid the coronavirus pandemic, concerns remain over the threat of a second wave of infections. If one does materialize, Israel will likely be in a better place to