Analysis & Commentary

Analysis & Commentary

Tensions with Iran and Hezbollah along Israel’s northern borders are pointed reminders of the looming potential for a major war on that front. But as America’s presence recedes from the Middle East, Israel needs the proper tools to continue advancing U.S. interests by

Countdown to Israeli Action Against Iran

Recent mysterious explosions at Iran’s nuclear facilities, which some have attributed to Israel, return to prominence a calculation not seriously considered since 2015: Iran’s dwindling “breakout” clock. The ensuing damage might successfully turn back time on that clock. But if

Most of the headlines about COVID-19’s global upheaval focus on how adversaries like China have begun acting more belligerently against U.S. interests. But increasingly, Turkey, formally a NATO ally, is also taking advantage of the pandemic to expand its influence

Russia’s Attempt to Steal COVID-19 Research Signals a Cybersecurity Crisis in U.S.

The unprecedented hack of high-profile Twitter accounts and Russia’s recent attempt to steal coronavirus research could signal a growing cybersecurity crisis. With an election in November the ability to manipulate politically powerful and market-moving social media accounts — including those