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Analysis & Commentary

Analysis & Commentary

In March 2018, the United States sent a strong, bipartisan message to the Palestinian Authority (PA) through the Taylor Force Act: Stop the promotion, glorification and incentivization of terrorism and violence against Israeli civilians or the U.S. will withhold hundreds of

Quds Force: A Center of Gravity For Iranian Insurgency

The Trump administration has pursued a “maximum pressure” campaign against Iran with a broad range of demands, including that the Islamic Republic end its support for terrorism. It is time to recognize that targeting Iran’s terror apparatus is centrally related

Over the past several weeks, Israel and the Hezbollah terrorist group have been at daggers drawn in the Middle East. Israeli aircraft recently struck Iranian-backed forces in Syria that were plotting a major drone attack in Israel. Hezbollah responded by

Trump Can Do Even More on Iran

The effectiveness of the Trump administration’s sanctions strategy against Iran has been astonishing—doubly so because the “maximum pressure” policy has faced wide opposition, including from close U.S. allies. Most foreign companies have decided to avoid doing business with Iran rather