National Security Briefs

National Security Briefs

In July, Israel awarded the tender for the privatization of the original Haifa Port (separate from but located next to the new, Chinese-operated Haifa Bayport Terminal) to an Indian firm—despite competing Chinese bids for the project. This decision reflects a

Iran Nuclear Talks Update 8/4

The Iran nuclear negotiations are set to resume in Vienna on Thursday, August 4, as officials plan to discuss the draft of an agreement proposed in July by European Union (EU) Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell. Reports suggest the International

The Saudi crown prince’s recent visit to Athens highlights the two countries’ geostrategic importance – both for reducing Europe’s dangerous dependence on Russian energy and, in conjunction with Greece’s vital roles in growing Israel-Gulf ties, as security providers supporting regional

JINSA’s newly updated infographic details the numerous continued warnings from U.S. and European officials that time is running out to revive the JCPOA agreement. These repeated, unfulfilled warnings merely encourage Tehran to further drag out negotiations, advance its nuclear weapons