National Security Briefs

National Security Briefs

Analysis: Iran Still Wants More

In the 3rd exchange of indirect proposals between Iran and the United States since the EU sent what it called the “final” text to Iran, Tehran has sent another response, which U.S. negotiators are now studying. Despite Iran’s disappointing response

Iran Tries to Steal U.S. Maritime Drone

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) made the brazen attempt to capture a U.S. unmanned surface vessel (USV) overnight on August 29. Another example of Iran’s increased regional aggression against U.S. targets, this marks the first time Iran targeted Task

Recent Iranian reports indicate the nuclear deal negotiated by the Biden administration would lift over 170 sanctions imposed on Iran by executive order prior to President Biden submitting the deal to Congress. This is technically permitted under the relatively permissive

On August 24, U.S. airstrikes targeted Iranian-backed groups in Syria that had attacked American troops there on August 15. Later that day, a second round of Iran-backed attacks injured three American service members and U.S. counterstrikes killed four Iranian-backed militants.