Lesson of the Strike That Killed Soleimani

Four years ago this week, at the direction of the president, forces under my command struck and killed Quds Force Commander Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad. He was arriving there to coordinate attacks on our embassy and coalition targets across the region. Our

To solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: First confront Iran

For too long, a two-state solution has been a panacea for peace in the Middle East. But it will never come about until diplomats and politicians address the real reason why the region remains in chaos: the destabilizing role Iran

Since the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) began ground operations in Gaza on October 27, 175 Israeli troops have been killed. However, terrorists in Gaza have killed IDF soldiers at a roughly 29 percent higher daily rate since December 1, after

The Casualties in Gaza Don’t Indicate War Crimes

A single death might be a tragedy and a million a statistic, as the saying goes, but there is no number of deaths that automatically constitutes a war crime. Increasingly, Israel’s critics are using the number of Gazans killed to