The US military announced last week that it would take 300,000 American 155-millimeter artillery shells from a weapons stockpile in Israel and transfer them to the Ukrainian military. While not overly enthusiastic about the movement of the ammunition, Israel Defense

Infographic: 2023 Events to Watch

As 2023 begins, it is already proving to be an inflection point for U.S. cooperation with partners in the Middle East, efforts to thwart Iran’s nuclear and regional aggression, and the stability of the Iranian regime. The attached graphic details

Iran’s Revolution Continues

The killing of a 22-year-old woman, Mahsa Amini, while she was in custody for wearing her hijab loosely, has sparked a new wave of protests in Iran. Many have said that this is the beginning of an Iranian revolution, while others

The Pentagon’s decision to transfer U.S. artillery to Ukraine from a prepositioned stockpile in Israel, known as WRSA-I, provides both crucial support to Kyiv and an overdue opportunity to review and upgrade the stockpile with vital weaponry to help Israel