National Security Briefs

National Security Briefs

Iran Nuclear Talks Update 7/25

Despite Western officials’ claims that time is running out to reach an agreement and President Biden’s July 14 statement that Washington will not “wait forever” for a deal, the United States has still yet to set a deadline for the

Cyprus is an important U.S. partner in the Eastern Mediterranean for energy security, economic development, and impeding Turkish and Russian aggression. However, U.S. law currently prohibits providing Cyprus with needed U.S.-made weaponry so long as it receives Russian foreign direct

Iran Nuclear Talks Update 7/7

Renewed nuclear negotiations in Qatar ended after two days on June 29 without making any progress toward a deal or setting plans for another round of talks. The European Union (E.U.) coordinator for the negotiations Enrique Mora tweeted on June

A new Biden administration immigration regulation, purportedly designed to aid processing of visas for U.S.-friendly Afghan nationals, contains concerning loopholes that could seriously weaken immigration restrictions against members and supporters of terrorist organizations. Simultaneous with the re-opening of negotiations with