Cause for Hope Amid War and Authoritarianism

In some ways, 2022 felt like the culmination of a decades-long turn toward autocracy around the world: The Russian Federation launched a major land war in Europe, the People’s Republic of China enforced draconian policies at home and lashed out

Multiple attacks over the past weekend against Iranian military targets—including sites reportedly linked to the production of drones possibly destined for use by Russia against Ukraine—likely represent a continuation of Israeli efforts to disrupt Iran’s proliferation of rockets, missiles, and

There’s a new campaign trending on Persian social media that has many Iranians saying “I delegate” (#وکالت_میدهم). It is a symbolic effort to elevate Reza Pahlavi, the son of the late Shah and former heir apparent, as the leader of

The United States is not quite done with war in the Middle East. In fact, coalition troops in Syria regularly fall under attack by Iranian-backed forces. Yet the U.S. rarely responds militarily to such strikes. That stands in stark contrast