The Pentagon’s decision to transfer U.S. artillery to Ukraine from a prepositioned stockpile in Israel, known as WRSA-I, provides both crucial support to Kyiv and an overdue opportunity to review and upgrade the stockpile with vital weaponry to help Israel

Washington is Oblivious to the Importance of Saudi Reforms

Go to Riyadh. That’s the top recommendation I’ve been giving U.S. officials after my November 2022 trip to Saudi Arabia with a delegation sponsored by the Jewish Institute for National Security of America, where I work. Why? Because amid the

Searching for Iran’s Secular Heritage

The annual Cyrus the Great Day took place last month. Somewhere in the 2000s it was invented as an Iranian national holiday by dissidents who wanted to reclaim their secular Persian heritage from the Islamic Republic. What better way to

Perhaps for the first time, an Israeli government is unified in its determination to prevent a nuclear Iran at all costs, presenting a truly credible military threat. The last time there might have been a credible US military threat against