Press Coverage

Press Coverage

Experts Weigh in on Advantages and Risks of Saudi Deal

Despite the numerous direct and indirect security advantages of a normalization agreement between Israel and Saudi Arabia, there are also several potential risks. The Israeli Defence Forces launched a study this week to analyze the security implications of a normalization

How Individuals Connected with Members of the Iranian Regime Influenced U.S. Policy

This week, new investigative reporting from Semafor and Iran International revealed the extent to which Western officials from the United States and Europe with ties to the Islamic Republic of Iran bolstered the regime’s image and promoted the 2015 nuclear

Israel Should Seek Existential Defense Pact with US – INSS

Israel should seek an existential defense treaty with the United States of America as part of broader agreements between them and Saudi Arabia, the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) proposed on Wednesday morning. A defense treaty between the US

Iran Shows No Signs of ‘De-Escalation’

For nearly three years, the operative word in the Biden administration’s approach to Iran has been “de-escalation.” In public statements and private briefings, top advisers to President Joe Biden used the term both descriptively—to characterize the administration’s posture toward the