Is There Such a Thing as ‘the West’?

In many circles, “the West” is a popular phrase. It has a mushy meaning, though—more sentimental than concrete. This allows it to mean whatever people like. Some use it as a substitute for free societies; others, to imply the white

End America’s Complicity in Iraq’s Sanctions Busting

An Iraqi delegation is arriving in Washington on Wednesday. Its members are desperate for U.S. help in alleviating a crisis threatening Iraq’s national currency, the dinar. The Biden administration should turn a deaf ear. For over a decade, Iraqi politicians have abused their easy

Iran Summary – January 2023

Author: Anna Schaftel – JINSA Programs & Outreach Associate January 2023 Summary: Russia and Iran further deepened ties by linking banking systems and exploring cooperation in energy and transportation. Biden administration officials insisted Iran nuclear talks were “not on the

Biden Needs a New Iran strategy: A Successful Revolution

For the first two years of Joe Biden’s administration, his Iran strategy centered on reviving the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement. A deal that enriches a murderous regime is not an agreement at all, but rather a strategic folly. It is