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The Associated Press reports on the performance of the Iron Dome defense system during the current conflict, which it calls a “game-changer.” Taylor Dinerman reviews lessons learned from past conflicts and technological advances led Israel to overcome its initial reluctance

Hadrien Gosset-Bernheim, “Inside Israel’s Quest for Cyberwar Supremacy,” Le Nouvel Observatuer (via RealClearWorld), November 7, 2013.

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Following up on our trip to the Yam Tethys gas platforms, the British natural gas company BG has signed a preliminary deal to export $30 billion in Israeli natural gas to Egypt.

Background A profile of the family of Amer Abu Aisheh (one of the Hamas operatives accused of kidnapping and murdering the three Israeli teenagers that triggered the chain of events leading to Operation Protective Edge), whose mother is proud of

An opinion piece (written before the launch of Operation Protective Edge) arguing that Israel’s real target should be the Palestinian Authority’s propaganda and education systems. Tom Wilson, “The Return of West Bank Terror?” Commentary, February 24, 2014.

Nicholas Blanchard, “Look Who’s Training: Hezbollah Prepares for War,” The Christian Science Monitor, December 4, 2013. “Hezbollah Upgrades Missile Threat to Israel,” The Wall Street Journal, January 2, 2014.