Analysis & Commentary

Analysis & Commentary

Israel needs time, ammunition, and the continued support of the United States to win its war with Hamas. After the events of the last month and a half, what does Israel need now, and where does it go from here?

Society cannot accept any arrangement installing PA rule over Gaza due to the sheer laziness or willful blindness of Western leaders, as the PA fosters, funds, and furthers violence. It is a maxim among policymakers that there are no good

Everything in the Middle East changed on 10/7, except President Biden’s Iran policy. Hamas’s savagery exposed Iran-led Islamist extremism seeking to not only “obliterate” Jews and Israel but also to destroy the foundations of Western civilization. The United States, the guarantor of

The United States increasingly is embroiled in a high-stakes standoff with Iran, reminiscent of the early Cold War or pre-World War I gunboat diplomacy. Last week, Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian addressed the U.N. General Assembly and walked right over President

As these lines are being written, the war is ongoing and may yet intensify. It is perhaps too early to posit conclusive lessons at this stage. Therefore, I would qualify all of the findings below by suggesting that they must

For nearly two decades, Israel has eschewed making strategic choices in dealing with the terrorist groups that surround it, relying instead on deterrence to minimize their threat while tolerating their presence. That approach failed on Oct. 7. Currently, Israel appears

Combat leaders live by a mantra: Mission, troops, equipment. This priority of effort—first, accomplish the mission; second, protect your troops; third, protect your equipment—may be simplistic, but it will frame what the world observes if and when the Israel Defense

Proportionality is a term commonly invoked to condemn infliction of civilian suffering during war. But just as pervasive is the misunderstanding of how it impacts both the authority to engage in hostilities, and the protection of civilians during hostilities. What