Analysis & Commentary

Analysis & Commentary

Iran’s retaliation with over 300 drones and missiles after Israel killed one of its top generals in Syria is the latest reminder of that country’s strategic importance to Iran’s regional ambitions. It is for that reason that the mission of US troops

Contrary to public commentary, Iran’s direct and proxy threats against America and Israel in the Middle East is neither new nor uniquely about October 7. In fact, the threats from the Iranian regime as well as other Islamist actors has only escalated since its

Israel, unlike the United States, has demonstrated its resolve to respond with force to each and every attack against it by Iran or its proxies. However, it is not just Israel’s willingness to use force that is noteworthy but its

Choose your label to describe what’s become of President Joe Biden’s Gaza pier: Dumpster fire. Boondoggle. White elephant. Whatever you call it, the project is a bona fide failure. It seems destined to be a textbook example of what happens when the

Get ready for what may be the final round of President Biden’s ill-fated Gaza pier adventure. After rough seas scattered parts of the project across the Eastern Mediterranean in late May, forcing it to shut down, the pier was repaired and