Featuring: Ambassador James Jeffrey Former Special Representative for Syria Engagement Michael Mulroy Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Middle East Sinam Mohamad Co-Chair, U.S. Mission of the Syrian Democratic Council Blaise Misztal JINSA Vice President for Policy

The chances of military escalation between Israel and Iran have steadily risen in recent months. Israel has struck Iranian targets in Syria and Iraq; Iran has retaliated, and Russia has done little to actively minimize Iranian presence in Syria while

President Donald Trump announced that his administration would lift sanctions on Turkey after the Turkish government agreed to permanently abide by a ceasefire in northeast Syria. Instead of withdrawing all troops, a few hundred will remain not to re-engage against a resurging Islamic State but

What should Washington do now? That’s the urgent question following President Trump’s unforced error of green-lighting Turkey’s invasion of northern Syria. The decision dealt a severe blow to US interests and credibility. Trump must reverse course. A return to the way things