Gaza Futures Task Force

Tragic mistakes happen in wars—particularly those fought in dense urban areas against adversaries who hide behind human shields—but they are not a reason to end conflicts before they are won. That is especially true when those wars are justified, fought

In the wake of Iran’s attack on Israel with hundreds of drones and missiles last weekend, Israel must decide how to calibrate its response. The spectrum of possible actions is wide and includes strikes on Iranian interests outside Iran and

Sooner or later, the war in Gaza will end. Hamas’s leaders hope that when it does, they will emerge from their tunnels to raise their green banners over the rubble — a symbolic victory for “Resistance” in the face of

What is next for Gaza? With or without a hostage deal, the best hope for peace depends on continuing along the path endorsed by President Biden after Hamas’s Oct. 7 attack: destroy Hamas’s military and governance capabilities, prevent its ability to threaten Israel again, and deal a defeat to Iran’s “axis of resistance.” Such hopes won’t be realized by military means alone.

Today’s tragic stampede deaths around a Gazan aid convoy contain lessons for those who wish to learn them, and the horrible event suggests the urgency of doing so. What appears to have happened, based on drone video recordings, bird’s-eye photos,