In many circles, “the West” is a popular phrase. It has a mushy meaning, though—more sentimental than concrete. This allows it to mean whatever people like. Some use it as a substitute for free societies; others, to imply the white

An Iraqi delegation is arriving in Washington on Wednesday. Its members are desperate for U.S. help in alleviating a crisis threatening Iraq’s national currency, the dinar. The Biden administration should turn a deaf ear. For over a decade, Iraqi politicians have abused their easy

In some ways, 2022 felt like the culmination of a decades-long turn toward autocracy around the world: The Russian Federation launched a major land war in Europe, the People’s Republic of China enforced draconian policies at home and lashed out

Among the most perilous consequences of the war in Ukraine will almost certainly be the increased value placed on nuclear weapons—both by countries bent on wars of conquest and those seeking to deter them. Ukraine’s decision in 1994 to surrender the nuclear